Other Writing

Some of my music-themed stories are available in Kindle editions now–$0.99 for each volume. Murder Gets the Blues: Three Stories Featuring Blues-Singer Sleuth Maxx Maxwell indeed features Maxx, my series sleuth.  New York Beat: Three Stories of Music and Murder collects some stories I wrote before I started writing about Maxx. Click on the titles to link to the stories in the Kindle store.

I enjoy writing Flash Fiction too. Telling a story in less than 1000 words is a challenge and it’s fun. Here are some samples–just click on the story title to read the story–and you’re welcome to print them out.

“Change of Heart” won first prize in Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine’s 2005 Flash Fiction contest. It appeared in the May – June 2006 issue.

“Turnabout” appeared in the September – October 2006 issue of Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine.

“Death Gig” first appeared in Flashing in the Gutters, the ezine that featured all Flash Fiction, all the time, and is sadly now defunct. “Death Gig” was reprinted in the Fall 2007 online issue of B. J. Bourg’s Mouth Full of Bullets.

“Photo Op” first appeared in Flashing in the Gutters.